Saturday, July 26, 2014

Writing Day 10

It has been a very long day.

In the real world, I had to make not one, but two, trips to the license bureau which means I got to spend better than two hours sitting in  crowded room waiting for someone to call my number. To turn this experience into a positive, I used my time observing and making character notes in my phone.

In the writing world, I carved out a couple hours to write this afternoon. I also started a Facebook page to link to this blog. If you are so inclined, you can find it here. I spent about an hour transcribing my longhand writing to the digital copy of the novel, and I am happy to report that Chapter Five first draft is OFFICIALLY complete!

Hoping to find the time over the weekend to work on Chapter Six and maybe even Chapter Seven (fingers crossed).

But for today, I will leave you with this tidbit from Neil Gaiman (a personal hero of mine).

This may seem like common sense, but sometimes we must remind ourselves that while it may not always be easy, one word after another is what will get it done.

Good Day and Good Writing to you all!

Today's Stats - 

NIP - WTA - pages: 43; word count: 11,158

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