Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Writing Day One

Today has been a good writing day. I pulled out one of my novels I haven't looked at in quite some time. I was re-energized reading through the work.

I worked through a ton of long-hand notes, typed nine new pages, revised and reworked several sections, and began another set of outlines for the next two sections. Overall, I'm feeling good about today's progress.

On tap for tomorrow, finishing outlines, finishing the section I began today, and researching publishers for the children's book I finished last week and some of the shorts I haven't submitted in awhile (after I look them over again, of course).

Today's nugget of inspiration:

 After my work today, I feel saner than I've felt in a long time. I do believe Kafka was on to something. ;)

Today's stats -

NIP: WTA - pages: 25 word count: 5683

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